*Create a beautiful logo for BCB-NL and win the contest to have your artwork and name featured on the website of Brain Cognition and Behaviour – The Netherlands*

The platform “Brain Cognition and Behaviour – The Netherlands” (BCB-NL) was recently founded together with many research organizations in the field of brain, cognition and behavioral research. The following organizations are participating in BCB-NL: NWA route NeurolabNL, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Neuropsychologie (NVN), Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychonomie (NVP), Association for Researchers in Psychology and Health (ARPH), Nederlandse Vereniging voor Gedragsbiologie (NVG), Neurofederatie, Nederlandse vereniging voor Slaap – Waak Onderzoek (NSWO), Stress NL, Neurotech-NL, Cognition, Behavior and Evolution Network (CBEN) and Stichting Hersenstimulatie.

This alliance of Dutch organizations has the following vision: to foster interdisciplinary research, knowledge exchange and collaboration to support science and society

To make sure that we can carry out our vision with as much recognition as possible we need a logo that represents our organization: a symbol that people can recognize and associate with our field, vision and our strengths.

Because there is so much creativity in our field, we would like to warmly invite you to participate in our logo contest. The winning logo will become the logo of BCB-NL and your name will be mentioned as the creator. This means that if your artwork is chosen, it will be featured in a lasting way in an organization that represents the field of brain cognition and behavior in the Netherlands.

Here is the important information about the BCB-NL logo contest in short:

What you need to do to win: Create a beautiful logo and submit it before the deadline

Deadline: The deadline to hand in your artwork is 1 October 2020. Please send your artwork to Julia Henrich.

PrizeYour artwork (the logo) and your name featured on the website of Brain Cognition and Behaviour – The Netherlands & a beautiful surprise

Announcement: The winner will be chosen by the BCB-NL contest committee and informed by mid October. In addition, The winning logo will be formally announced at the upcoming Start Event of BCB-NL (on November 4th). 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask Julia Henrich.