Neurolab Onderwijs thema


One of the best applicable areas of knowledge about the brain is education. In recent years, the first steps towards translating this knowledge have been put into practice.

Inspired by the questions of the Dutch National Research Agenda, NeurolabNL chooses to focus its research on the following aims. 

  • We focus on teaching skills that are necessary in the 21st century. Think, for example, of the large amount of information that people get to deal with on a daily basis, and maintaining relationships at a great distance (eg via the internet).
  • We aim to optimize the educational context in which youth and adults learn. Our goal is to improve and develop tailor-made study materials for each individual on the basis of knowledge about the brain. With the use of digital learning resources, these tailor-made lessons become even more accessible.
  • Not only the educational context, but also the social context plays an important role in an ideal learning environment. When children and adults feel safe and can work well together, this stimulates the learning process and personal development.
  • We conduct research into increased accessibility to education for individuals with cognitive and social impairments. This completes the circle of tailor-made education based on knowledge about the brain.

Look here for an extensive agenda of research in the field of Education research.


On the Startimpulse grant, research is conducted within the theme of Education.

The first project is about optimal conditions for motivation and learning a second language.

The second project is about  exclusion, the effectiveness of anti-bullying programs and the consequences of bullying on brain development.