Start impulse

“Optimal conditions for learning and safety of youth”

As of 1 January 2018, scientists affiliated with NeuroLabNL everywhere in the Netherlands have started with the “Startimpulse” project, a subsidy that has its basis in the Dutch National Research Agenda. They have 3 years to conduct the initial research on applications of neuroscientific knowledge in the education and the safety of youth.

The Dutch National Research Agenda is the result of almost 12,000 questions posed to science by the Dutch population. In order to answer these questions, in 2017 the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science invited three routes to set up projects on the theme Youth in a Resilient Society. NeuroLabNL has received a grant of 2.5 million euros to set up research on the important themes of NeurolabNL (education, safety, health and fundamental) among adolescents.  In 4 work packages we look at the application of cognitive neuroscience to create optimal learning conditions (view work package 1), the effect of bullying on brain development and the effectiveness of anti-bullying programs (see work package 2), the brain development in (problematic) ) antisocial behavior and application of this knowledge in safety measures and interventions (see work package 3) and to the application of physiological measuring instruments in practice using wearables (see work package 4). Prof. dr. Berna Güroğlu (Leiden University) and dr. Katy de Kogel (WODC) are the general project leaders for these work packages. Program coordinator dr. Annelinde Vandenbroucke (Leiden University) and project assistant Merel Spaander (Leiden University) handle daily management, communication and knowledge transfer to society.

An overarching theme for the Startimpulse is the ethics surrounding the use of knowledge about the brain for an individual: what does it mean (to know) that someone has a deviant brain development? Can we use this information to create a safer society? How is personal data collected and how is privacy then taken into account? With these kinds of questions we take the ethical aspects of the research into account from the start of the projects.

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