A healthy body is inextricably linked to a healthy mind. The goal of NeuroLabNL is to contribute to health through the promotion of healthy behavior, but also through the development of new techniques to help people with physical and psychological disorders live a full life.

How do we promote health and prevent diseases through a healthy lifestyle, behavior and technology? How can we develop new medicine and methods to remain as vital and healthy as possible? These are some of the questions from the Dutch National Research Agenda that researchers can use to work with on the theme of Health in the coming years. We work in an overarching and integrative way: by looking at the entire person with all facets of his health, lifestyle and illnesses, we get a complete picture that is important for risk detection, diagnostics, prevention and treatment.

  • We focus on an integrative approach to health. This is important for early disease detection and responding to risk factors throughout the life cycle. Both at a younger and older age it is of great importance to remain physically, emotionally and cognitively vital as to slow down deterioration. This can be promoted by not only focusing on personal behavior, but also looking at environmental factors and the social context.

  • The use of innovative techniques and treatment methods is an important theme in all areas of health. For people with physical or mental illness, advanced technical tools can significantly improve quality of life. Integrated treatment methods, combining knowledge from biomedical and behavioral disciplines, will result in innovative solutions for all types of disorders.

Look here for an extensive agenda of research in the field of Health research.