If you are curious about the content of the workshops, you are on the right page (see below).


1. Patient Organizations and Clinicians

Hoofdzaken is a recently founded initiative by Hersenstichting Nederland, MIND and ZonMW in close collaboration with LSH/Health Holland and NWO,   that strives to better the lives of people with brain-related or psychological disorder by providing resources for interdisciplinary and transdiagnostic research. During this workshop representatives of ZonMW, NWO and MIND will inform you about the spearheads of Hoofdzaken en discuss how Hoofdzaken can help young researchers in the field of brain, cognition and behavior and how in turn young researchers can help the Hoofdzaken cause.

2. Industry Partners

“Getting down to business: Exploring intersections between academia and industry”

Working with industrial partners as an academic can bring interesting new perspectives, the chance to have impact with your research, extra funding, and possible job opportunities. Lots of reasons to start collaborating or maybe even to start your own company! But what are the pitfalls? What does working with industry really look like? Can everyone pull it off? And most importantly: how can you make sure to have a successful venture as an academic in industry-land? In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to discuss all of this with partners from TNO, Philips, Brain Innovation, Brainsfirst, and IXA. We will provide some challenging questions and perspectives, and of course there will be ample time for discussion and questions from the audience!

3. Educational partners

“From lab to classroom: dos and don’ts on research at schools and with schools”

Collaboration with educational organizations is essential when you want to investigate brain, cognition or behavior in school settings and/or in children and adolescents. In this interactive workshop, we will have an open panel discussion with experts in performing research with schools, at schools, and about education; Prof. dr. Lydia Krabbendam (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and LEARN!), Dr. Peter Verkoeijen (Avans Hogeschool and Erasmus University Rotterdam), Dr. Erna van Hest (University of Amsterdam and former director of the Kohnstamm Instituut) and a representative from Wetenschapsoriëntatie Nederland (WON).

4. Citizens Science Partners

How to involve the public in your own research? We’ll discuss best practices ranging from including citizens in research question design to data collection and analysis, and you will be challenged and supported in coming up with a Citizen Science implementation for your own research.

We are looking forward to seeing you on June 13th!