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Young NeurolabNL is a platform by and for young researchers in the field of brain, cognition and behavior. It is an initiative to give a voice to, empower, and actively engage young researchers, and to promote interdisciplinary and multicentric collaborations.

Our main goals are:

  1. Increasing visibility of young researchers in the field of Brain, Cognition and Behavior
  2. Building a network and connecting with each other
  3. Supporting interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange among young researchers
  4. Performing outreach activities that inform society
  5. Representing the needs of young researchers
  6. Supporting the professional development of young researchers

This initiative was started by the current Core Team of Young NeurolabNL: Dr. Julia Henrich (Leiden University), Dr. Desiderio Cano Porras (Tilburg University) and Dr. Michelle Moerel (Maastricht University). Since then three new Core team members have joined: Dr. Mariet van Buuren (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Dr. Chris Vriend (Amsterdam UMC) and Dr. Eliana Vassena (Radboud University).

Read more about Julia’s, Desiderio’s, Michelle’s  Mariët’s, Chris’ and Eliana’s background here.

Would you like to be part of Young NeurolabNL?

  1. Membership application: Become part of the community! Young researchers, within 10 years of completing their PhD as well as PhD students (towards the end of their PhD project), can become members of Young NeurolabNL. You will receive our newsletters, and can choose to actively engage in Young NeurolabNL activities or simply to follow and stay tuned with updated information. Please complete the following online form.

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Do you have ideas or suggestions for Young NeurolabNL? Please get in touch with Desiderio Cano Porras.